Farming sourdough starters to bake excellent homemade bread

Galician Sourdough Bread

Flour, water, and salt. This simple list of ingredients is the starting point for countless traditional and some more modern breadmaking techniques. Despite the growing prevalence of packaged and frozen bread, in Galicia bakers in hundreds of small bakeries work with skill and innovation to ensure the survival of good quality bread. Galicia is located […]

How to Feed your Sourdough Starter

Instructions Once we have adquired a sample of sourdough starter,  we’ll want to keep it healthy with regular feedings. If we bake a lot of sourdough breads we may choose to keep your starter on the counter, at room temperature. While this means feeding it twice a day, it also means our starter is always […]

Baker’s Percentage explained

The bread recipe you saw online looks delicious and we’d like to make it. It has quite a few percentage numbers though, and we find them difficult to understand. Does this sound familiar? Most likely we are reading baker’s percentage numbers. What is Baker’s Percent? A baker‘s percent is a mathematical method widely used in […]

Tips for Baking Sourdough Bread in the Winter

1. Use warm water when mixing My first method for dealing with cold weather is to warm the water I use to refresh my starter, make my levain, or mix my dough. First, I measure out all the water called for in my recipe and then take its temperature. Then, using a spreadsheet, quick calculation, […]

How to Bake Sourdough Bread in Winter

If you’re like me, winter tends to be a time of busy baking. With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, plus the natural desire to warm the oven and pull out comforting food, it’s a time when your sourdough starter is likely working overtime. Ironically, the cold temperatures slow fermentation activity, either making our starter sluggish or […]